Featured image of post OverTheWire - Bandit - Level 1

OverTheWire - Bandit - Level 1

The solution to OverTheWires Bandit, Level 1

Alright my friends, welcome back to the Bandit series! In this installment, we’ll start tackling actual challenges!

Looking around in our home dir, we can see there is an oddly named file. The hyphen character, and some other characters, have special meanings in *nix. The hyphen is a representation of stdin so we just need to make sure we access it properly.

The following will not work (it will try to output stdin in an infinite loop). To stop that, press ctrl+c.

bandit1@bandit:~$ cat -

To output the file, try using an absolute or relative path. Either of these will work:

bandit1@bandit:~$ cat ./-
bandit1@bandit:~$ cat /home/bandit1/-

That’s it! Let’s move on to the next level.

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