Annnnnnnnd i re-started my blog

I got tired of thinking about re-starting my blog again but not doing it. I spent a lot of time deciding on how/where best to host it so it was easy on me since the whole idea for me is to record events and info in an easy and unobtrusive way.

Anyway, here goes. I decided on Jekyll and S3 w/cloudfront as a CDN. Keeps things extremely simple, with a very low cost to host and serve content to…. basically anywhere.

So what is it that I want to even do with this blog?

Well, in the past i used to spend time writing down how i fixed various issues configuring servers or solving problems. I basically plan to do the same thing here… except this time it’s just going to be whatever i want to write about.

Some of the things i’ll probably be posting regularly about will be various hacking and security challenges, my impossible list, and stuff like that.

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