About Me

  • If I know the right solution to a problem is a language, framework, or technology I don’t know then I will learn it so I can build the correct solution.
  • I’ve reverse engineered file formats.
  • I’m created POCs of vulnerabilities/exploits, and responsibly disclosed them to vendors.
  • I’ve responded to a few hacks of production systems.
  • I’ve been in the game long enough to know what the next blocker will be before it comes up in a project management meeting.
  • I enjoy using whiteboards, preferably with a nice color coding scheme :)
  • I can write SQL queries that don’t produce cartesian products, ha ha ha!
  • I ask WHY a lot to help determine what the best product, or solution might be

Talks I’ve Given

  • Containerized microservices using docker
  • Infrastructure as code, ci/cd pipelines, deployment strategies in aws
    • this was a 300 level talk I worked on that AWS accepted for re:invent 2017
  • cloud infrastructure
  • mvp’s and task prioritization
  • laravel (PHP framework)

Positions I’ve Held

Staff Software Engineer @ Stealth Startup

  • I’m not sure what I want to share about this yet
  • I write a lot of terraform, Golang, Typescript, Python, and NodeJS
  • I write more SQL than I probably should
  • A lot of my time goes into thinking about things people take for granted such as
    • Organizational structure of git groups/projects so you can do heirarchical permissions
    • Naming conventions of groups, projects, services, and how they intersect to allow a lot of auto-devops things
    • DRY - Determine a pattern, include it everywhere, extend it when necessary
  • I try to enforce good programming standards, and guide long term decision making

Owner @ Bad Panda Consulting, LLC

  • Software vendor for Toyota Racing Development
  • Architect and implement solution for developers to manage, and test system notifications. Notifications were delivered via push notification to a native iOS or Android application. This architecture allows users to subscribe to notifications based on environment, application group, microservice, severity or any combination thereof. Most importantly, it allowed silencing notifications. Built with Xcode, Swift 5, Android Studio 19, Java 8, React, Express, NodeJS, Lambda, SNS, APNS, and Google Firebase.
  • Architect and implement extremely fast solution for managing the lifecycle of hundreds of instances to process chassis simulations. Key features include scaling across an entire instance type family based on availability, whitelisted regions, and availability zones until the desired capacity is reached. Detects unhealthy or stuck instances, copies system/application logs to S3 for review, then terminates them so the capacity can be recovered with a healthy instance.
  • Worked with Principal Mechanical Engineer to build a POC web application that utilizes telemetry data from an ECU, paired with the chassis simulator data we generate, to overlay 3d nascar models on real race tracks to analyze, and visualize their performance. (Like racing against your ghost car in Gran Turismo)
  • Reverse engineered a mission critical .Net application responsible for handling vendor payments when source code had been lost. Recreated the application utilizing best practices, with increased functionality, high levels of user feedback, and extremely verbose logging with an audit trail. Required tight integration with our ERP, and several other systems via many protocols.
  • Penetration test applications, source code/risk analysis, and vulnerability remediation.

Senior Software Engineer @ Toyota Racing Development

  • Report to the Technology Group’s department head. Responsibilities include architecting, and implementing software solutions to produce quantifiable results in the highest level of motorsports. This group’s work is directly responsible for 2 championship wins.
  • Architect and implement solution for remote configuration of cloud & on prem servers at the track utilizing Ansible, CodeBuild, CodePipeline, and CodeDeploy.
  • Architect and implement migration/modernization of monolithic application to containerized, microservice based architecture. Utilized CloudFormation, CloudFront, ALB, ECS, ECR, Docker, etc to build a suite of highly available applications with automated scaling rules.
  • Created network, and application security plan utilizing least access first strategy for IAM users, roles, and service instance profiles.
  • Performed authentication migration from LDAP / Active Directory with JWT tokens to Okta utilizing SAML, and AWS Federated Identity providers to grant STS tokens used to access resources.
  • Architect and implement a custom solution for monitoring all environments, and applications from a high level. Application also served as a place for all reporting, notifications, and troubleshooting tools to live for the platform.
  • Became a TRD approved vendor in 2017, as Bad Panda Consulting, LLC.

Senior Software Engineer @ ALTRES

  • I believe in following your dreams, and took this job to live in Hawaii for a while.
  • Report to Director of Web Technologies.
  • Built an applicant tracking system to track current, past, and future employees in their job searches throughout Hawaii.
  • Angular front end, and Java backend.

VP Engineering @ Hart

  • Report to CEO, and Founder, leading a team of 5 developers.
  • Interview, hire, perform reviews, and one on ones.
  • Lead project management meetings, and requirement gathering discussions.
  • Setup MDM, VPN, DevOps, and the data center.
  • Work directly with Qualcomm engineers to solve technical issues with custom BLE/ mobile devices for use in patient homes.
  • Develop Android BLE app to simplify gathering health data, and securely transmit to the cloud.
  • Architect and implement platform for managing patients, and their PHI.
  • Oversee software training for data ingestion.

Senior Software Engineer / Team Lead @ SignNow

  • Report to CEO, CTO, VP. Led front and back end teams at different times.
  • Architect and implement most backend solutions from MVP through acquisition/IPO.
  • Optimized an API call that reduced response time from 3s to 90ms.
  • Took over maintaining, and developing new features of the custom UI framework.
  • Worked with Barracuda Networks security researchers to identify, track, and fix vulnerabilities after acquisition.
  • Learned how to assign CVSS scores to vulnerabilities

Project Manager of Software Development @ Health Essentials

  • Report to CTO, leading a team of 4 developers.
  • Report status of projects executive level stake holders, utilizing PMI methodologies.
  • Architect and implement an EMR targeting Hospice, and DME customers.
  • Oversaw development of a handheld device for managing DME inventory.
  • Oversaw development aspects of migration to using digital pens for gathering visit/ health data from patients in the field.

World Wide Wizard @ XOWii

  • Report to President, and founders of this MLM.
  • Developed corporate website, intranet, and distributor sites.
  • Implemented a high volume public events calendar with booking, and event suggestions.
  • Integrated our system with a high profile DRM(Distributor Relationship Management).
  • Found a persistent XSS in the DRM software, and responsibly disclosed it with a POC, and instructions for remediation to the CTO.- Report to President, and founders of this MLM. - Developed corporate website, intranet, and distributor sites. - Implemented a high volume public events calendar with booking, and event suggestions. - Integrated our system with a high profile DRM(Distributor Relationship Management). - Found a persistent XSS in the DRM software, and responsibly disclosed it with a POC, and instructions for remediation to the CTO.

SEO/SEM Manager @ EnCircle Media

  • Report to CTO.
  • Entry level C#/.NET development work on a health site.
  • Manage SEO/SEM/PPC campaigns with daily spend in excess of $50,000.
  • My successful campaign management yielded an $8,000,000 marketing contract.
  • Handled reports, and communication with clients such as USIM, Patriot Marketing group, Monsanto, and Kawasaki.

City Block Project @ Google

  • Places I mapped:
    • Most of southern California
    • The freeways along the southern border of United States
    • Florida -> key west
    • All of Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • I helped to troubleshoot / perform tech support on the linux hardware for other local employees
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